Christ-Based Activities for Soldiers and Families

Patriots of Praise is dedicated to creating fun, relaxing, and Christian-based outdoor adventure activities for those who proudly serve the Nation. Located in Kansas, we provide guided hunting and fishing trips for Active-Duty Soldiers, Veterans and Gold Star families who are trying to cope.

Our programs are designed to celebrate the unique challenges of a dynamic military lifestyle so we give back to our heroes all that they sacrificed for us. We are committed to providing an environment where service members of various backgrounds can partner with outdoor guides and experts as we fish, hunt, and embrace the outdoors.

Expect an outdoor experience that would be a break from everyday life as well as an opportunity to receive gratitude, respect, and Christian love from fellow Americans and patriotic communities nationwide. To that end, we have wholeheartedly accepted our hunting and fishing heritage and added to our programs marriage retreats, as well.

At Patriots of Praise, we put faith first. All our programs are Christ-centered. We focus on treating others as we want to be treated, in line with the scriptures. Representing a grateful nation, we encourage relationships built on mutual trust and faith in God. We cherish the lives that have been changed, the impact they then have on other lives, and the healing that has come to these soldiers through Christ, through faith.

Find us across Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Contact us to participate, volunteer or donate for our good cause.